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Welcome to Firewhiskey Fic!


1. Challenges take place once every 3-4 months. (Approximately 4 times a year.) There is no need to sign up for any round. Both writers and artists are welcome to participate! All entries are due within 48 hours from the start of the round.

Example: If the challenge is for Saturday night, you must have your entry turned into us by Tuesday at noon in order for it to be considered. We would prefer the very same night, but we understand you may be too liquored up to push buttons at that point. Hence, the 48 hours.

2. Around 5 prompts will be provided for each challenge revolving around a theme. Your entry must have something relating to at least one prompt or the theme in general. Bonus points if you get them all! (There are no points, really. But here's a cookie!)

3. NO BETAS ALLOWED. In fact, we recommend you don't even look at your piece once you sober up. Finish it (or get as close to finished as possible) and send it to us right away. (To be clear: No correcting typos or deleting meandering sentences that have nothing to do with your piece. That's half the fun!)

4. You must be of legal drinking age at the time of writing in your region to participate. Just to be clear: WE STRONGLY DISCOURAGE UNDERAGE DRINKING AND WE ARE NOT TRYING TO CORRUPT THE WORLD'S YOUTH.

5. Voting begins after all entries are submitted and posted. You have a week to vote in a number of categories. If you contributed, please take the time to vote as well.

6. Many fandoms are welcome here! You could write a sloppy Harry Potter with Avengers, or a Supernatural with Doctor Who - whatever your brain conjures. We can't guarantee everyone will recognize the fandom, but it's all fun and good in the end.

7. All submissions must be emailed to: . You can also reach your mods here for any questions or concerns.

Please Read

The mods of this community in no way condone underage drinking. We also are not trying to encourage excessive drinking to the extent of doing damage. We are only trying to have fun. If you've never had alcohol before, we do not suggest this is a good time to start. If anyone feels like they might have a problem with drinking, we encourage you to contact us and we will do our best to put you in touch with someone who can help. Please practice safe drinking. Use your best judgment. And remember to stay hydrated while drinking and never drink and drive or do anything that needs your full and sober attention. Be safe!
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